“..it’s all about being there,
in the right place, at the right time and the right light..”




Lindung Soemarhadi originated from Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Growing up in a family with strong design oriented background has allured him to grow a deep interest in design and arts. His formal education and qualification as an architect in fact provide him with an ability to capture the emotion of places and people; and create images with a strong composition

Using his father’s 35mm film camera, Lindung started taking snapshots in 1993 and his enthusiasm towards photography began to grow. With the advancement of technology, in 2007, Lindung without any further hesitation decided to expand his knowledge and skills using a digital camera. He then began to learn the various techniques which constitute a great shot. This is probably one of the best decisions he has ever made since it has created a niche for him, providing him with plenty of opportunities to put his creative and innovative thoughts into actions, and turning it into a sweet reality for those who appreciate the beauty of photography.

Lindung has a lot of passions towards landscape and architectural photography. Capturing the enchanting beauty of our nature in particular has become a hobby he loves doing the most. His landscape shots are mostly taken at first light or when the sun is sinking beneath the beautiful western horizon. These are the times when nature displays its exquisite beauty beneath a superior light quality. These enticing moments never fail to amuse the viewers with a deep sense of appreciation towards the grandeur of our Mother Earth.

As his photographic interests develop greater maturity, Lindung is constantly pursuing three crucial factors: harmony, clarity and truth.

Harmony :
Being one of the most important factors in visual arts, harmony can be achieved with composition. An artist may not be able to explain why an image looks right, all they can say is ‘it feels right’. Yes, because ‘it feels right’. That’s what harmony is all about.
Clarity :
Clarity here doesn’t mean only visual clarity but more of clarity of an idea – A simple clear expression that can bring a certain mood through my image. Viewers should have an easy understanding what I want to capture and what kind of message I’m trying to convey.
Truth :
When a scene is captured by a camera, it loses its three dimensionality and turn into a two dimensional image. The question is: ‘how can I make the viewers feel the same senses I feel at the moment in the real scene?’ This is the feeling I’m trying to evoke in my every image.

With an effective ability to convert inspiring and innovative concepts into a refreshing reality, Lindung just never fails to captivate the hearts of the viewers. This website displays his continually expanding portfolio which illustrates his evolving vision and deepening passions. It is indeed a work in progress which demonstrates fascinating photographic capabilities and skills!